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Marklin 6050/6051

ContentCommand StationsMarklin 6050/6051

Deprecated and no longer supported!

Because of the lack of a direction bit in this ancient protocol some features will probably not work in auto mode.

Cable configuration

Interface 6050/6051 to RS232

DIN-6 D-SUB-9 Label
1 3 Rx
4 2 Tx
5 8 CTS
3 5 Ground

Bridge on D-SUB-9 side pin: 4 - 6 - 1


General Command Station setup dialog:

Line settings



Hardware Flow




Number of s88 units.


Version Command sleep
0 0ms
1 10ms
2 50ms

With version 2, the direction change will skip the preceding speed zero command.

Switch time

Time in ms to wait after the last switch command before a switch off command is send to prevent coil damaged.

Interface 6023

The 6023 interface must be switched to binary mode for using this protocol; Read section 6 on how to switch to binary mode.

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