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Accessory Decoders


All text fields which are marked with a @ can open the @Box by a single click on its label if the text field is not empty.
The text field contents will be used to do a find.

See also: Check if all decoders are online

Interface ID

Only set this to the IID you set in the rocrail.ini if your setup has more than one CS connected.


The unique ID in the network, like CAN-ID.


Unique decoder identifier used to address this for programming.


Generated decoders will be removed at shutdown.
This option should be disabled if the decoder should permanently be saved.


HTTP link to the user's guide of this locomotive. Pushing the triple dot button will open the default WEB browser with the specified page.
The file explorer will be opened if the links is a directory in the file system.


Command Station dependent value. (Selectrix, BiDiB, CBUS, …)


The decoder address which range depends on the decoder type and underlying Command Station.


Some command stations do support multiple protocols; Check the user manual for details.

Protocol version

If the Command Station cannot determine the decoder type itself you must specify the version as listed here ddx-en or found in the SRCP description. Most systems do not use this parameter because it is set directly in the CS or it does only support one version.


An initialise command is send to de decoder.


In case of protocol GCA the programming dialog is opened to setup servos.

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