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CC-Schnitte V2

This version uses the Märklin CS2 protocol:



Set it up as a Märklin CS2 CS with type serial.

Fixed Serial Line Settings: 500000, 8N1, CTS
Fixed packet length: 13 Bytes.


Flow control with CTS is fixed and independent of this setting.


The version should be set to 2 to disable S88 polling continually.

Sensor range

The sensor range to be queried at "Start of Day".

Command Pause

This is for special CS2 compatible Command Stations which can not handle high data traffic.
This sleep value will also be used for waiting on the next byte. (In some cases needed under Mac OSX: 17…20ms)

Gleisreporter deLuxe

See for special support: Sensor events

CC-Schnitte V1 (Deprecated)

Setup as Lenz XpressNet CS.

  • LI101F
  • 19200, CTS
  • V2
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