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WIO_Clk 100mm Display Rocrail system clock, also useable as standard time display.

Copyright Rob Versluis and Peter Giling

Another WIO unit

This clock uses large Kingbright SA40-19 displays.
100mm is a size which is viseable from a large distance, useful for most Railroad layouts as a wall mount system clock.
In connection (WIFI) with Rocrail, it can display the same time as the (fast) clock on screen.
But without connection to Rocrail, it will function as a normal time display.
The system is using a pcboard for every display, each configured to where it is used for.
Only one WIO will be necessary, and two PCA9622 chips on a small board control the diaplys and their intensity.
When functioning als standard clock, it collects its time via Wifi from Internet (Frankfurt).
More to come……

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