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You only need 3 things:

  1. a Crimp nipper for RJ12 ( € 3.82 )
  2. 6-wire telephone/data-type flat wire ( 25m € 5.53 )
  3. RJ12 connectors ( 50 pieces € 5.91 )

The Crimp tool

…is all you need to assemble a LN cable and has 3 functions:

  1. cutting the cable to the desired length
  2. strip off the outer isolation
  3. press the RJ12 connector on the wires.

Keep in mind that all 6 pins are used, and all have different signals.
So you must make sure that the colors are matching on both sides of the cable connectors.
The demo cable described below (24 cm) will cost about € 0.23 !!!

If you assemble like this you are getting a valid cable:

Cable Kit on Rocrail T-Shirt:

Cut the length you need:

Strip both ends of the cable with the Crimp:
The cable here is not cut right and will make short circuit if used without correcting it :!:

Slide the RJ12 on the stripped end of the cable:

Crimp the RJ12 on the cable:

See to that the clips of the RJ12 are on opposites of the cable:

Check the cable: Same color on the same pin!!!

Total costs of this 24cm long cable: € 0.23

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