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Marklin 6015/6017

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  • Marklin 6015/6017

Connect Marklin 6015 / 6017 Booster to RS232 Port


You need to solder a small circuit to set the signal levels to 5V instead of the 12V which are provided by the serial port. If you use a 6015 Booster, the pin 1 of the BoosterBus plug is on the left side (if you look at the front side of the plug). Pin1 of the BoosterBus plug of 6017 Booster is on the right side. A DB9 connector is used in the circuit diagram below. If you use a DB25 connector you have to solder the cables as shown in the table:

DB9 DB25
Signal Pin Pin
TXD 3 2
DTR 4 20
DSR 6 6
GND 5 7

Circuit Diagram

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