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MBUS TrackBox


Le but de MBUS est d'utiliser le protocole CAN CS2 pour faire marcher des trains et contrôler les E/S.
Et ceci avec seulement une interface et un seul bus CAN.
La centrale numérique, Märklin TrackBox(GleisBox), est économique et prend en charge les protocoles numériques DCC/MfX/MM2. Une centrale mobile peut être utilisé comme manette et programmateur.

Vue d'ensemble






Cela défini sous quel interface Rocrail communique avec le CAN.

USB GridConnect

"Pour de petits systèmes."
l'entreprise Grid Connect a défini un protocole de trame ASCII conçu pour l'utilisation de trames via des connexions série.
La connexion USB du CANGC2a peut être pour ce type.
Vitesse de transmission fixe de 500000.


"Hautement recommandé."
SocketCAN peut être utilisé en combinaison avec les composants suivants:

  • Raspberry Pi 2 ou 3, Banana Pi M1
  • Serveur Rocrail avec MBUS comme contrôleur (En supposant que le CAN0 soit un périphérique.)

L'avantage de ce type est une connexion directe au serveur Rocrail avec le CAN; il peut fonctionner sans EtherNet ni USB.
Le WiFi sur le Raspberry Pi 3 B+ peut être utilisé pour la visualisation par Rocview, Rocweb et/ou andRoc.


"Si vous en avez déjà un."
Interface CAN série CAN-Digital-Bahn.
La communication n'utilise pas la trame série ce qui pourrait conduire à des interprétations erronées des données.
Vitesse de transmission fixe de 500000.


"The Märklin way."
Default port 15731.
Compatible with CS2/CS3 communication.


"The old Märklin way."
Fixed read/write ports 15730/15731.
Compatible with CS2/CS3 communication.
The CANService application can also be used for UDP communication. This utility is automatically installed on Linux platform under /opt/rocrail/canservice.


"Just for testing without any hardware connected."
All CAN frames are echoed with the response bit set.


The LAWICEL / SLCAN protocol to use with common serial CAN interfaces like USBTin.
Fixed baud rate of 115200.


For UDP and TCP type.
The extra field on the right is to set the TCP port; 15731 is used if not set.


The serial device used with type USB GridConnect or CC-Schnitte.

Track Protocols

The supported digital protocols by the TrackBox.
If all protocols are disabled in the settings, they will be all activated at startup. At least one protocol must be activated.


Report state

Report the current, voltage and temperature of the TrackBox channels.

Selection Function Remark
None Reporting is off
Changing Only changes are reported
Regular Report every 5 seconds For use in combination with the Power Manager

Slot purge time

If a locomotive is nonactive for this period of time, and the speed is zero, it will be removed from the refresh cycle to make place for other locomotives.
Purging is deactivated if this time is set to zero.
The purge time is defined in seconds, default is 60s.

Acknowledge sensor events

Acknowledge the Block type inputs of the GC2a.
Only the ON will be acknowledged. If an acknowledgement was not received the GC2a will resend the event until the block input goes OFF.
The GC2a enables this option automatically after receiving the first acknowledge, and this will be active only for the current session.


Note: Master Mode is temporary disabled.
Note: MS2 Firmware 3.55 does negotiate different compared with previous versions. This none conform update will be not supported.
Note: Master mode will be disabled in case a CS2/CS3 is detected.
Puts the connected MS2 in slave mode and provide loco information.
After the MS2 is in slave mode, a loco can be selected from the Rocrail server with the following sequence:

Select a free loco position, or one to replace.
Select a new loco from the master list.

Read only

Trace only the traffic on the CAN bus, and do not evaluate.


Support for the Mobile Station App.
Because the App needs also a HTTP access, the HTTP Service must be activated on port 80.
Note: MSApp support is not possible if there is already a WEB Service running on this port.

Programming track

This output addressing can be used for activating a relay before programming.
The TrackBox does not provide a separate output for programming. To avoid programming all locomotives on the main track, it can be helpful to switch to the isolated programming track.

Accessory Addressing


All addressing schemes are supported. (FADA/PADA/MADA)
The bus value must be set to zero.


  • Bus = CAN-ID
  • Address = GC2a port number, 1…16

GC2a Signal support

This is for simple signals up to 4 LED and max. 5 aspects.
Only the RED address will be used as offset for all LEDs.

Parameter Description
Control Aspect numbers
Port type LED
Bus CAN-ID of the GC2a
Addressing FLAT from 1 to 16 - number of aspects

Aspect Values

See: Aspect Values
The number of controlled LEDs will be calculated from the aspect values.


Aspect value examples

Value (dec) LEDs
0x01 (1) LED 1 on
0x02 (2) LED 2 on
0x04 (4) LED 3 on
0x08 (8) LED 4 on
0x11 (17) LED 1 blinking
0x55 (85) LED 1 and 3 blinking
0x03 (3) LED 2 and LED 1 on
0x13 (19) LED 2 on and LED 1 blinking


  • Note: In order to show changes of loco functions in Rocview option Allow Zero Throttle ID has to be activated.
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