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GCA111 Manual/Display for GCA110


By Peter Giling

This unit is based on the original Minibox , a design of Pål A Olsen.

Beeing an exact copy of the Minibox, the GCA110 DCCcentral needs a display and keyboard. This unit provides that.

Since it is not sure , what kind of keys will be used (looking for cheap selection), this is only a brief documentation of the matter.

Any suggestions are mostly appriciated.

The keys on the picture are from my junk stock, dismounted from old cicuits.

The prototype MGV111

The hardware

The original PCB is much smaller than the GCA110.

To make it possible to mount the board right on top of the GCA110, to the same fixing points, the PCB design has 4 extra fising points. If not needed, the PCB can be minimized to the necessary size.


No further firmware is needed in this unit.

Bill of materials

R1 10K
P1 adjustpot 50K
C1,C2 100 nF
C3 elco 10uF 25V radial
Dis1..4 display FND358
D1..4 diode 1N4148
U1 74HCT138
U2 Max7219
J1 PSK 254/10W
Sw1..16 Button, data following…
cable 2 x PSS254/10G + wiring
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