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GCA118 4 x 7-Segment Display


By Peter Giling


This board was originally setup with displays which were lying in my drawer. (See MGV119 Prototype picture)

The type is FND359. Common cathode.

So far I have only been able to find a fitting display in Blue colour at Farnell. (1200600)

If anyone finds a pin-compatible display for this type, please let me know.

This is the smallest possibility as far as I can see. Any suggestion in that matter would be appriciated.

To make the MGV118 as small as possible, the connectors are not implemented on the PCboard.

Instead of that, the wires are connected straight to the backside.

I tried to develop a display with SMD chips.

Due to the way the displays are connected together, a lot of through-board holes are needed, to connect top and bottom layers.

This is very much possible by factories, but by hand .!?, I gave up.

If you do not care about a pcboard much larger than the needed space for the displays, a SMD display like HDSM-283 /C/H/F/L would be nice.

Specially if you install the display in the front of a building, this is a possibility.

The design

The schematics
The pcboard + parts placement
N.B. Self made pc-boards are not supported!

Bill of materials

Only 4 displays are used…

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