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GCA138 Pic Programmer for IC-Prog


By Peter Giling

This board is no longer supported, because the design seems to have problems with the latest Windows versions.

For an easier solution. please refer to GCA153.


Many GCA/MGV units and interfaces are equipped with a microprocessor.

All but a few exceptions are PIC processors.

Every used processor needs a program before it can be used.

Programming can be done with this programmer.

Remark that users of Vista and Win7 might face problems in using this direct adressing of Comm port.

It is connected to a serial comm port. USB to serial converters are NOT applicable.

The software that is used to make this programming work is IC-Prog.

Just type IC-prog in your browser and there will be many options to download.

The board also contains ICSP connector, special for developers of software.

This ICSP connector with a one to one cable can be used to program chip on GCA/MGV boards directly.

All PIC- processors, fitting in one of the three sockets, will be programmable, as long as IC-Prog does support the type number.

Only one of the three sockets can be used simultaniously.

The protoype



It is not absolute needed, but to ease the insertion of IC's , it might be advisable to remove all not used pins from the sockets.

This home-made PC-board has no through hole connections.

It is important to solder all connections on top of the board, where lines are available.

Do not use low-cost sockets, because they have no room under the socket to do this soldering.

Schematics and pcboard


The board itself does not need any firmware. Only IC-Prog in your computer is needed.

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