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GCA86 slow dimming LED signal decoder


By Peter Giling


To control LED signals with slow dimming feature which connects directly to the GCA50/CAN-GC2/GCA_PI02.
Common cathode or anode leds can be used. The setup of this unit is so simple, that many options are possible.
Mainly writing your own program will enable anything you like.
Complex sign combinations can be made, without having to ask Rocrail team for special sign situations.
Even feed-back information to Loconet would be an option.
All this is simply established by changing the simple software in the processor.
To create software for this processor, a very fast and solid basic compiler from is used.
To make things easy when connecting leds to the GCA86, resistors are already on the pcboard, so leds can be directly wired to it. (see picture).
The unit is now available from GCA.
Output of each should be limited to 20 mA.

Connection to GCA50 / CAN-GC2 / GCA_PI02 /WIO_0x

refer to: GCA50 connections

Software files

Hardware Files

The schematics
The PCB and parts positions
Bill of materials
N.B. Self made pc-boards are not supported!
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