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ORD-5 Driver between Multiple ORD-3 boosters and USB



The ORD-3 needs a signal as generated bij CAN-GC3 or any other central station.
But it also possible to connect ORD-3 directly to a serial port on a PC.
Rocrail provides DCC232 (DCC only) or DDX (DCC and/or Motorola) as generator for this purpose.
USB serial converters produce very low power, which makes it hard to connect multiple ORD-3 units , if desired.
For that reason, this little driver is made.
The input comes form the PC-Com Port.
The output is capable of driving countless amount of ORD-3 boosters, chained together.
It is also possible to install D-SUB USB-F connector instead of female D-SUB connector for direct connection to USB.

The hardware

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