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ORM-1 motor switch adapter


The standard accessory decoders offers only outputs for switches with only one polarity e.g. two coil drive.
If a switch with a one coil motor is driven then the polarity must be changable that the motor can rotate left or right.
ORM-1 supplemented two outputs of a standard accessory decoder with this changing polarity so that a connected motor switch will work correct.


The design of the board was developed with KiCad.


Qty. Reference Value Description
2 D1 + D2 LED LED
1 K1 CONN_3 3-pin terminal block
1 K2 CONN_2 3-pin terminal block
2 Q1 + Q2 BD140 transistor SOT-32
4 R1..R4 1K5 resistor 1/4W
1 R5 1K0 resistor 1/4W
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