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PIC-ADAP4 the correct solution for using the PICKIT3


The on-board programming connectors are a very easy tool, to program the chip on-board of GCAxxx and CAN-GCx units.
But after the development of many GCAxxx boards, the CAN-GCx board need a different connector, to meet the designs of MERG.
But also this MERG set-up did not match with the pins on a PICKIT3 connector.
This is mainly done to avoid damage, when PiCKIT3 is reversed connected
Also, the way that PICKIT3 appears to be plugged into the ICSP connector, is mechanicly rather very dangerous.
The PIC-ADAP ends all these discussions.
It provides a possibility to fix the PICKIT3 on the board, which wil protect the PICKIT3 from damaging.
The PIC-ADAP has connectors for a short a cable between ICSP connectors on bothCAN-GCx and GCAxxx families.
PIC-ADAP also provides sockets for direct programming various PIC chips.
And also the MYSmartUSB programmer for ATmega 28 pins chips can be connected, to program ATMEGA chips in the 28 Pins socket.
PicAdap4 also has a place for a SMD ZIF socket for 8 and 14 pins Pic processors.
Since this socket is rather expensive, it is NOT included in kit, and has to be ordered separately.
The latest PicAdap4 is available as PC-board OR kit.

The PC-board

The kit can also be ordered
including pikit3 programmer


PICKit 3 Application

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