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By Peter Giling

Directions for construction

This mounting support makes installation under the table very easy.
The set is complete delevered with seromotor, 2 and 3mm bolts, nuts , bushes and washers.
Mounting is very simple, as display on pictures below.

Fix 3mm bolt with 2 nuts on top of each other at left hand side and 2mm bushes
middle and right. Do not forget 2mm washers !
Drill 2mm hole in the plastic lever (2nd or 3rd hole from the middle)
and fix nylon bush with 2mm bolt and nut
Fix moving board on top, and fix it with washer and
3mm self locking nut/.
Be sure that board is solid fixed but still easy moving.
Fix motor with 2mm screws as shown servoset_pict_03.jpg
Next, the spring wire can be fixed in any of the 56 holes.
Is is better not to solder this wire, but just slip it
through a few holes to fix it securely.

List of parts

The following parts are available as set from Giling Computer Applications

Servoset parts

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