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Train/Car Tab



  • In Rocview properties the boxes „car tab“ and „train tab“ both need to have checks in them. After restarting Rocview, these tabs will then be displayed.
  • Each car has its own picture and unique file name.
  • The <alt-key> may have to be reassigned when using Linux.

Trains tab

A train is selected in the table:

  • Train is now also shown in car view.
  • A car can be dragged out of the picture and into the trashcan per drag&drop using <alt> + <left mouse button>. The car will then immediately be removed from the train and its depiction.
  • Clicking on the „+“-symbol allows to set up a new train.
  • The order of the cars in the train can be rearranged using drag & drop (<alt> + <left mouse button>).
  • Trains with or without a linked locomotive can be assigned to a block using drag & drop. Only the train itselve is placed in the block, not a linked locomotive. Pease note: The „locality“ will not get updated when using Windows.
  • By clicking one oft he column headers, one can rearrange the sorting order into an ascending or a descending one. The “ID” column will always get sorted in ascending order.
  • A right-click on a train in the table: context menu appears, a switch into the „trains“ dialogue box is possible. It will always be applied to the train that was last selected using the left mouse button (not the right one!).
  • A right-click on a column header will open the dialogue „Column selection“.
  • The arrangement of the columns can be changed per drag & drop using <shift> + < left mouse button>.

Cars tab

A car is selected in table:

  • If the car is assigned to a train, the train is displayed.
  • From the train picture the cars can be moved into a trash by dragging with the left mouse button and <Alt-Key> down. The cars then immediately disappear from the train and its representation.
  • Cars can be added by dragging them from the grid with the left mouse button and <Alt-Key> down. The mouse button must not be released over another wagon - even if a plus sign appears on the mouse cursor - but rather always to the right of the train.
  • The sorting order can be changed by clicking on one of the column headers. Currently possible: “ID”, “locality” and “train”.
  • A right-click on the car in the table: context menu appears, the “car” dialog box can be displayed. Always the car that was last selected with the left mouse button is used.
  • A right click on one of the column headers will open the „Column selection“ dialog.
  • Columns can be reordered by dragging with the left mouse button and shift down.

Train is previously selected in the train view:

  • You can add cars directly with <Alt> + Drag & Drop.

If a train is assigned to a locomotive or a train is detached, the train picture in the cars tab is not automatically updated in order not to overload Rocview.

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