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What to do with a Block ?

Userpages - Hermann (hermannk)

A locomotive with cars runs from right to left around the track.


Here for beginners it should be explained what a block is, how a block is built with tracks and electronics, how a block is used …
A locomotive can run from block to block.
A block should always be longer than the longest train (locomotive with wagons).
A block should have two sensors for the events ENTER and IN.

The block ID is "bk01".
A block has a plus side and a minus side to let the software know at what side the loco will enter the block.
The sensors are named "fb01+" and "fb01-".
"fb01+" at the plus side of the block;
"fb01-" at the minus side of the block.

further details

In this example, the feedback sensors are to be implemented as current sensors.
The length of a feedback sensor should be long enough that the locomotive comes to a complete stop within the feedback sensor (i.e. does not drive past the feedback sensor).
Because the block can later be driven in both directions, we install the feedback sensors symmetrically (left and right of the block the feedback areas are of identical length).


The build in "Router" will configure the feedback sensors with the blocks if the Router is setup appropriate.

Just activate "assign feedbacks to blocks", - do the routing (Rocview menu / File / Router / Routing) and it's done.
For the direction of this example the minus side of the block is the "enter" side of the block; so
- sensor "fb01-" is responsible for the "enter" event and
- sensor "fb01+" is responsible for the "in" event .

To be prepared for using the opposite driving direction the plus "enter" side should be setup as well:
- sensor "fb01+" is responsible for the "enter" event and
- sensor "fb01-" is responsible for the "in" event .

As a summary:


The feedback sensors have to have an address setup - even for simulating the track! The addresses have to be unique!

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