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The first add-on is a Clock synchronised by the Rocrail FastClock.

For the Wemos D1 mini module i.a. an 0.6 Oled display is available. This display has 64 x 48 pixels. It is accompanied by software to display an analogue clock.
Next to the Oled display shield a proto shield is required for the clock module. It is available at the website.

Rocrail sends a time signal every minute. The time message is accompanied by a multiplier to adjust the speed of the clock.

This signal is taken by the Clock module to synchronise the behaviour of the analogue clock. The seconds hand runs freely.

When the time signal is not received for 75 seconds, a message "no synch" is displayed.

This is the Eltraco fast clockeltraco_clockdisplay.jpg

clockcircuit.jpgCircuit diagram for the Clock power supply

Oled display shieldWemos D1 mini with header with long pins
Power supply front sidePower supply back side
eltraco_clockmodule.jpgThe Clock module


The software is on Github.

Have Fun!

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