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Information générale

BiDiB est un protocole qui supporte P&P avec un niveau de communication très fiable.
Pour plus d'information:

Rocrail est un détenteur de licence BiDiB.


L'adressage est linéaire: FADA
Seulement les champs Bus(ID) et Adresse sont utilisés.

L'adressage démarre avec un élément dans Rocrail; Null n'est pas utilisé.
Le port zéro sur LC est la première adresse de Rocrail.


Port BiDiB Adresse Rocrail Port Rocrail
0 1 0
1 2 0
127 128 0

Si les types détecteur et entrée sur la même carte existent la plage des détecteurs est de 1 .. 128 et les types d'entrées sont à 201 .. 328.

Options Importantes



  • Current sense occupancy detection.
  • RailCom® detection; Rocrail Code.1)
  • RailCom® KM/H.
  • Read/Write CV's on the main, POM, reported by RailCom® mobile decoders.
  • CV Programming on the service track. (No hardware available yet.)
  • Loco control; velocity, functions…
  • BiDiB & DCC Accessory control.
  • All port types and macros.
  • External throttle support. (MultiMaus, LH90, LH100)
  • Booster diagnostics

WhiteCurrentAuto scaled; "mA max." is 100%


Adding a bidib controller


Interface ID

IID for addressing this interface directly from without Rocrail.



Device name of the RS232 port.
Typically COMx for Windows; Check the device manager.


The FDTI is supported out of the box: use /dev/ttyUSBx for Linux based systems.
See also USB Mapping.

Mac OS X

For Mac OS X the FDTI device driver must be installed: USB to Serial.
After install and connecting the GBMBoost Master a new serial device is found under "/dev/tty.*".
If the productID is not factory standard follow this setup: OpenDCC USB Setup


Host name or IP address.


TCP or UDP port.


Communication speed in Bits Per Second.
The current version of the GBMBoost supports 115200 only.


Hardware handshake CTS/RTS.
Disable handshake only if the hardware does not support it.


  • Serial (USB)
  • TCP (Ethernet)
  • UDP (Ethernet)


Secure ACK


To activate the secure ACK option of the BiDiB protocol.


The secure ACK interval in 10ms units. 20 is the default. (200ms)
If Rocrail did not send an ACK with in this time frame the event will be resend by the sensor unit.

Reset manually operated accessories

If a manually operated accessory is reported, as error, Rocrail will try to reset it back to its last known state.


The Watchdog Feature will be automatically checked at startup.


This node overview list will be automatically generated during the connection setup between Rocrail and the BiDiB interface.


Read the Configuration page for more information on node configuration.




Module Description Remark
GBMboost Command Station and Booster
GBM16T RailCom detection Current sense and RailCom
LightControl Light control LEDs, I/O, Servos…
MoBaLiSt Die ModellBahnLichtSteuerung
BiDiBOne Multipurpose I/O
s88-Bridge* S88 Concentrator


  • CAT 5 Twisted pair cable. (AKA Ethernet patch cable)

Multi RailCom detection

To be able to detect multiple Railcom decoders in the same section the following option must be set:

IRM Location Reports

The reported Location ID must mach with a Sensor-ID in Rocrail.
This sensor should have its address set to zero.
The reporting address is used for the sensor Code.
IRM only reports arrival and not depart, so for automatically reset use the Sensor Timer.

Automatic mode

It is recommended not to add or remove BiDiB modules to/from the bus in automatic mode because this will cause a lot of communication traffic and leads to strong delayed events.
The track power will be shut off in case a module is reported as 'lost'.

Programming Track (PT)

Starting with firmware 2.1.4 the GBMBoost Master can be used as Programming Track.
Before programming on the PT the PT-Mode must be set, see the PT Button on the Programming Tab.

The GBM16T with Firmware 2.1.1 must be disconnected from the GBMBoost-Master or set into reset mode:


Virtual COM port (VCP) drivers


Decoder Blacklist

Here are decoders listed which are not conform the RailCom specs.


RailCom® und RailComPlus® sind eingetragene Warenzeichen der Firma Lenz Elektronik GmbH in Hüttenbergstrasse 29, D-35398 Giessen
Max. 4 in the same section.
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