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Installers can be downloaded from:


:!: W A R N I N G : :!:
The username under which Rocrail should be installed must not contain any special letters of various languages such as "Ä Ö Ü ä ö ü ß" etc.
:!: If Rocrail is already installed, and has a revision less then 14211, it must be de-installed first. :!:
Starting with revision 14211 Rocrail will be installed in user context.

Windows XP

This version is no longer supported by the Rocrail Support the forum! However, installation under XP is still possible.

Windows 7

If a Windows Security Alert ("The publisher could not be verified …") appear, it must be confirmed with "Run Anyway".

Windows 10

After you run the setup file may appear "Your computer has been protected by Windows …". Here is first "more information" to click on the text and then "Run Anyway" in the amended dialog button. The following demand "they want to allow …" with the button confirm "Yes".

Rocrail uses the free Inno Setup installer

Double klick on the downloaded file to start the installer.

Accept the defaults and just keep clicking OK if you are not sure what to do. Advanced users can change where Rocrail will be installed. Once Rocrail is installed, the next step is to start it.

Additional options

Demo plan

An optional plan for demonstration purposes.
If it already exists it will not be overwritten.

Wiki demo plan

A simple default plan which is used to explain how Rocrail works. See Step-by-step Tutorial.
If it already exists it will not be overwritten.
Selected by default and highly recommended to beginners!

Loco images

A default collection of loco images.
Selected by default and recommended to be used with the Wiki demo plan.

SVG Themes

The SVG themes must be (have been) installed to Rocview being able to show plan objects.
Selected by default.

SVG American Themes

Optional SVG themes for layouts displaying American railroads.

Update your Rocrail Installation

Update your existing Rocrail installation

:!: Important note about the installation
In the directory C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Rocrail the installer creates the links svg and web
which point to hidden directories in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Programs\Rocrail.

These links can not be created if directories or files with the same name already exist.
These directories or files must then before renamed or moved to other directories.

Warning: The links will be lost (will be converted into directories) if the entire directory is copied,
eg from PC to PC or from / to a USB stick!
If svg and web are not available as links, their contents will not be updated during a Rocrail update any longer!

If SVG themes from previous installation are still defined with an absolute path over C:\Program files …,
they must be changed with link svg to the path C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Programs\Rocrail\svg\themes\….


Meta directory names:
  • {app} = The Windows user application directory: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Programs.
  • {userdocs} = The Windows user documents directory: C:\Users\<username>\Documents.

Directory Components Uninstall
{app}\Rocrail Binaries; *.exe, *.dll
Uninstaller: unins000.exe
{app}\Rocrail\svg SVG Themes yes
{app}\Rocrail\web RocWeb files yes
{userdocs}\Rocrail The rocview.ini and layout file plan.xml no
{userdocs}\Rocrail\images Image files; *.png, *.xpm, *.gif no, some example files will remain
{userdocs}\Rocrail\stylesheets Stylesheets for documentation no
{userdocs}\Rocrail\decspecs RocPro decoder definitions no

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