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Zimo MX1, MX1EC

ContentCommand stationsZimo MX1, MX1EC

ASCII Protocol

The Zimo support is very poor when using the ASCII protocol because it does not provide any way to get sensor events which is a K.O. criterion for running Rocrail in auto mode.
It is only possible if you add a second controller, like the HSI88, to get the needed events.

Supported Loco Decoder Protocols

  • DCC Short (N)
  • Märklin (M)

Supported Accessory Decoder Protocols

  • Default (Z)
  • NMRA-DCC (N)
  • Märklin (M)

Firmware Version 2

To disable sending 12 loco functions set the version field to 2.

Binary Protocol


This option is needed for setting up the decoder information in the Command Station for locos and switches controlled manually.


Version Characteristics
0 Accessory addressing inverted, compatible with previous revision, no error checking.
1 Accessory addressing normal, compatible with other CS, no error checking.
2 Accessory addressing normal with 1 time resend.
3 Accessory addressing normal repeat until Ack is detected.

Emergency Break

The Emergency Break break will toggle the broadcasting to the mobile decoders.
This is not the standard behaviour for the Emergency Break in Rocrail!


Zimo MX9 has 8 Sections with two current sensors, each Section has Zimo BiDi feedback and short circuit detection.
MX9 addressing must start with 901.


Offset Sensor type
+0 Normal feedback sensor
+1000 Short circuit detection feedback
+2000 BiDi feedback


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