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WIO Mobile

PWM Settings

The PWM multiplier can only be set by serial monitor. (*pwm=x)
The default is 1, and generates a 20kHz PWM by 50 speed steps.


The test is being made with a Piko V20.

  • 11.1V (2.2A LiPo battery)
  • 10Hz (*pwm=1000)
  • 100 speed steps
  • Mass 10
  • Step range 5-100

With an 10Hz PWM the motor has power enough and do not need any speed control and or kick start.
The mass value will be automatically increased in the lower duty cycle range.

Rocrail Settings

Locomotive Interface

Field Value
Interface ID WIO
Bus WIO-Mobile ID
Address Not used
Decoder steps 100…128
Mass 25
Step range 4…50
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