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CAN-GC7 Fast Clock


A special clock display for mergCBUS.

Copyright Peter Giling

Copyright© MERG and Rocrail.
Commercial use is prohibited.


The implementation of a special fastClock command in mergCBus will also need a display to make it visible.
The basic idea was using four bcd-to-7-segment chips, and connect it to any CAN-GC2.
But with all the resistors and other necessaties, the pcb board was growing out of proportion.
By using a PIC processor,several more options became available.
CAN-GC7 is now direct linked into the CAN-GC network, and will also work in standard mergCBUS system.


* Displays date and time in interval
* Displays weekdays with 7 individual leds
* Connection ready for mergCBUS and CAN-CGx
* On-board selectable for 5 or 12V mergCBUS
* Intensity adjustable via Rocrail
* Low power consumption
* Cheap displays used

Perfect pc-board and/or kits available

The board with week day LEDs and common anode displays.
The GCA Sub-D-9 connection is used on this testunit.
The blue led at left hand side shows CAN activity.



Connection cable

Cable connections are explained on this page

In addition to the standard CAN-GCx connections with D-Type connectors, the 4 standard screw-terminals are available like in mergCBUS.
The function of each terminal is printed on PC-board and is like this:
1. +12 V or + 5 V (selectable)
4. Ground

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