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Windows i386


This page describes how to Build a native Windows i386, 32bit Intel, Rocrail package.
Note: 32bit systems are obsolete and most software update do no longer provide 32bit versions.


Open a MSYS2 mingw32 shell.

Install Utilities

  • pacman -Suy (update)
  • pacman -S mingw-w64-i686-clang
  • pacman -S git
  • pacman -S make
  • pacman -S tar
  • pacman -S zip

See also some notes on MSYS2.


Get Sources

git clone --recurse-submodules
cd wxWidgets
mkdir winbuild
cd winbuild
git checkout v3.2.2.1

Configure & Build

../configure --with-msw --enable-unicode --disable-shared --enable-graphics_ctx --enable-monolithic --enable-stc --enable-debug=no
make -j4
make install

Rocview & Rocview

Get Sources

git clone <repository link>
cd Rocrail

Make Parameters

cd Rocrail
make -j4 PLATFORM=WIN32 GENSUFFIX=.exe WX_FLAGS="`wx-config --cflags`" LNK_FLAGS="`wx-config --libs std,aui,stc` -mthreads -static" WXCONFIG=wx-config fromtar

ZIP Installer

rocrail/package/ WIN32 Windows
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