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Checkout with Eclipse

Note for Ubuntu 11.04

The Bazaar plugin crashes. Upgrade xmloutput to resolve this issue:

Note for Ubuntu 9.10

Some buttons do not work when running Eclipse under Ubuntu 9.10, there are some threads found on this subject at Launchpad.
But to save time, just start eclipse with this simple shell script:

GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=1 /home/me_user/programs/eclipse-galileo/eclipse

The path to the Eclipse executable should be modified to match with your install location.

Required downloads

Checkout Bazaar Project

  1. Install the Bazaar plugin for Eclipse.
  2. Switch to an existing or new Workspace.
  3. Select File → New → Project…
  4. Choose Bazaar Project:
  5. Create the Bazaar location: lp:rocrail

  6. Select Tip:
  7. Set Project name to Rocrail and push the Finish button:
  8. The Checkout dialog shows the download progress:

    The project is automatically recognized as a C-Project.

Main Build

  1. Uncheck Projects → Build automatically.
  2. Linux: Select from Rocrail → Make targets → Build → all:
    (In case of Mac choose macosx, on Windows win32.)
  3. Windows: Select from Rocrail → Make targets → Build → Add
    Here you provide a new target name, e.g. unicode, and specify in 'Make target' the required arguments for your windows configuration

Disable Macro __cplusplus for Indexing

The Indexer does not like the __cplusplus macro under certain condition.
To turn the macro off:

But as soon as the Rocview is build again in the Eclipse context it reappears. This is very annoying, but there is no known work around for this indexer problem: just remove the macro again and re-index the project.

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