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M-Track format Layout


Total of the modular layout

  • The modules BMK95 (Manege), BMK07 (Renbaan) and BMK06 (Bosmeer) form the lefthand part.
  • The module BMK01 (station Bonn) is connected at the top track.
  • The modules BMK02 (Station Waterhuizen) and BMK09 (Overgang) are connected at the bottom track.
  • The middle part consist of the modules BMK10 (Brug), BMK03 (Restaurant) and BMK12 (Vast).
  • The top right is the shadow station (Parkeer).
  • The bottom right is BMK11 (Industrie-splitsing), which will be made into a loop with BMK04.

Highlights of the modular layout

  • M-Track normed profiles
  • Marklin K tracks
  • Turtoise driven switches
  • LocoBuffer as Command Station (LocoNet)
  • all tracks are visible
  • moveable
  • changeable
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