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GCA-RFID Support board for RFID ID-12(LA) and/or ID-20 sensors


gca_rfid_pict_02.jpg For ID-12 and ID-20 RFID sensors, it would be nice to have some kind of mounting board.
This avoids soldering on the rather expensive unit itself, it takes care for various
connections between pins, and also provides the needed place for resistors and capacitor.
This newest version also provides an extra resistor, in case the RFID sensor is be used to connect
with 3,3 V systems like Raspberry Pi and the GCA-PI01 HAT.
The numbers with connections correspondend with the numbering on GCA_PI01 S1 connector.
Remind that only pin 1,2 and 4 are to be connected to GCA_PI01, do NOT connected pin 3 in this case.
ID-12 and ID-20 also provide INVERSE(3)(=connection to any Processor) and NOT INVERSE(4)(= connection to RS232 port) outputs.
Follow directions below in case you have some doubts.
To avoid unstable situations a led indicator on this board is charged by a transistor, and
a small filter (R1 and C1) is used in the power supply.

Pin connections

Pin# Function Remark 1 Remark 2
1 Ground
2 + 5 Volt + 3.3V in case of ID-12LA and WIO Mobile
3 Non Inverse output (R3 installed) remove R2 and R6 This option is for direct connection to Serial Port.
3 Inverse output (R2 + R6 installed)
R6 only if 3.3 V output is required
remove R3 Direct connection to any processor

Connection with GCA_PI01 S1
GCA_RFID J1 GCA_PI01 S1 Function Remark
Pin 1 Pin 2 GND Please note pin reversal !
Pin 2 Pin 1 +5V Please note pin reversal !
Pin 3 Pin 4 Signal R3 NOT installed

Connection with CAN-GC4
GCA_RFID J1 CAN-GC4 Function Remark
Pin 1 Pin 1 GND
Pin 2 Pin 2 +5V
Pin 3 Pin 3 Signal R3 bridged

Connection with WIO Mobile
GCA_RFID J1 WIO Mobile Function Remark
Pin 2 +3.3V +3.3V
Pin 3 RX Signal R3 NOT installed

Important Note:

For use with GCA_PI01 or Rasberry direct (= 3,3 Volt situation):

  1. Do NOT mount R3.
  2. Mount R6 (2.2 KOhm)

Harware files

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