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Installers can be downloaded from:


Meta directory names

  • {app} = Common application directory: "/opt".
  • {home} = User data directory: "$HOME".

Directory Components Uninstall
{app}/rocrail Binaries; rocrail, rocview, *.so yes
{app}/rocrail Scripts; *.sh yes
{app}/rocrail/icons Toolbar icons; *.png yes
{app}/rocrail/svg SVG Themes yes
{app}/rocrail/web RocWeb files yes
{home}/rocrail Layout files; *.xml no
{home}/rocrail Ini files; *.ini no
{home}/rocrail/images Image files; *.png, *.xpm, *.gif no, some example files will remain
{home}/rocrail/stylesheets Stylesheets for documentation no
{home}/rocrail/decspecs RocPro decoder definitions no

Short Cuts

Short cuts are copied in /usr/share/applications and will mostly show up in the Games menu.
These short cute will call the shell scripts found in the {app}/rocrail.

Package install

After downloading the *.deb package to your personal folder (or any other suitable folder), open the package by right-clicking on it and choose "Debian package Manager". This will bring up the package manager. You might need to give your root (or superuser) password at a certain stage of this installation process. Choose to install the package. The rest will be done by the package manager. It might appear that you need to install wxwidgets 2.8. If the package manager does not automatically download and install it for you, use the Synaptics package Manager to get it (see brief instruction below).

After installation with the debian package manager, you will find the links to the rocrail and rocview in the games section.

(Screenshots to be added)

In case you might experience problems with wxwidgets, use the Synaptics package manager to get the package. Use the search function and search for wxgtk. Additional packages might be required but will automatically be installed by the package manager.

Once rocrail and rocview appear in the games section, Rocrail is installed, next step is to start it.

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