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Märklin Delta Control 6604

ContentDigital direct

  • Marklin Delta Control 6604

Attention :!:
The description on this page is for the experienced hobbyist only.
Errors in the construction of the circuit and/or deficiencies in the described device may damage the PC and/or other devices!
The use of ORD-1 and DDX is obsolete. DCC232 is yet the only usable CS library.

How to connect a Märklin Delta Control 6604 as additional Booster to ORD-1

You can connect your old Märklin Delta Control 6604 as an additional Booster at the BoosterBus of ORD-1. There are only a few steps to make this work.

You need:

  • Märklin Delta Control 6604
  • 4 Märklin Plugs (Banana plugs)
  • 1 Boosterbus Plug
  • some cable
  • 1 additional Transformer ( Don't use the same Transformer for 6604 and ORD-1 !!!!)

Remark to used transformer

The output voltage of DELTA 6604 is unregulated and directly dependent on the used transformer.
A transformer with in the drawings bottom specified 18V is not recommended :!:
Thus, the voltage is greater than 24V at the track and can damage decoders and lighting.

  • Recommended Transformer Voltage:
    • 12V for gauges under H0
    • max. 16V for gauges from H0

Step 1 - Preparing the 6604

As you can see on the picture below you have to shorten the throttle inputs. Now switch the address selector to the right "STOP" position. That's all.


Step 2 - Connect the cables

Connect the red, yellow and brown cable as you can see at the picture.

Remember not to use the same transformer for ORD-1 and 6604 !!!

You also should take a look at the ORD-1 connection diagram: Connection diagram

Now you can connect your 6604 with your Modeltrain Layout.

modify - disconnect Booster

The booster switch off, if the programming track will be on.
See also in the german Forum

Notes: Disconnect PIN3 from output voltage (Vaa) and connect to +12V voltage regulator (LM7812).

Direct connection to ser. pc interface rs232

Alternatively the DELTA 6604 also be connected to a serial rs232 pc interface


If this connection is used there is no galvanic isolation between the layout and pc.
Only if considered serious the next notes you ensured that not demaged the pc.
The transformer should be only and exclusively connected to this one DELTA 6604.
The brown GND wire must be only connected to the GND pin of the interface (pin5 of 9pol male connector)
Only the red signal wire should be connected to the TxD pin of the interface (pin3 of 9pol male connector)

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