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GCA98 DDX to Edits booster


By Peter Giling

A straight forward connection between the RS232 and the EDiTS / Märklin booster.
* Now the good old EDITS Booster is to be rehabilitated with Rocrail DDX.
This board is a D.I.Y. project. No boards available.


  • computer electrical isolated from your railroad equipment
  • short cut detection circuit
  • no extra power supply needed

The final disign does look different from this picture!


Schematic design
PCBoard + parts placement
The bill of materials
N.B. Self made pc-boards are not supported!


In schematics there are two connectors.

J1 is RS232 connector to PC.

J2 is connector to Edits booster

Because connector type is different, the following table gives conversion.

GCA98 J2 Edits Booster K1 Function
Pin 1 Pin 3 + 20 Volt
Pin 2 Pin 4 signal
Pin 3 Pin 2 ground
Pin 4 Pin 5 Short circ.
Pin 5 Pin 1 -20 Volt
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