MGV H0-3 Modules

ModelspoorGroep Venlo

Important Note: The connector symbols at module transitions, which are contained in the screenshots on this page, may not be used in actual modul plans.

Wichtiger Hinweis: Die Verbinder-Symbole an Modulgrenzen, wie sie in den Screenshots dieser Seite enthalten sind, dürfen in aktuellen Modul-Plänen nicht verwendet werden.


Name Thumb Modules Code Blocks Description Remark
Keerlus 1 1 en 3 m1 47, 48 Keerlus 1 + Wisselbak 3
Keerlus 2 2 en 4 m2 40, 42 Keerlus 2 + Wisselbak 4
Bocht 1 5 en 6 m3 - Strand + Camping Kunnen evt. appart worden gebruikt: 2 x 45°
Bocht 2 7 m4 - Bocht 90 graden
Peterstraat 8 en 9 m5 43, 44 Brugmodule en Tsaar Peterstraat
Landschap G.Drost 11 + 12 m6 30, 31 Ongeluksmodule en overweg module
De Draaischijf 21 t/m 22 m7 32, 33, 64 Draaischijf S.Brummans Automatisch bedrijf nog in ontwikkeling
Fiddle Yard 23 t/m 26 m8 1-14, 41 Fiddle Yard For a description of Fiddle Yard see under
User Pages\Fred Jansen and User Pages\Peter Giling
Station Carlstad deel 1 31 t/m 35 m9 19-27 Station Peter Zweypfenning / Carla Knorren
Station Carlstad deel 2 36 t/m 38 m10 15-18 Station Peter Zweypfenning / Carla Knorren
Station Canterbury 41 t/m 44 m11 34-37, 49-50 Station Eddy Canters
Factory 15 m12 28-29, 51-53 fabriek Niek Schreurs Rangeer sporen zonder meldpunten.
road works & bridge 13 en 14 m13 m13b1, m13b2 Road works and bridge Ron Smeets Total 242 cm lenght. Is under construction and will
show a roadworks factory under and around the railway bridge.

EuroSpoor 2008

NL: Alle modulen zijn nu juist gedraaid en gepositioneerd. De screenshot is gemaakt op een 22” display met een 50% zoom.
EN: All modules are correctly rotated and placed. This screenshot was made on a 22” display with a 50% zoom view.

1:10 Scale Displays


In the same way the modules are made, this scale 1/10 shows the modules.

They can be arranged in different order, like the real modules are.

In that way a different set up is possible for a show, to match the available space.

All installed current detectors, turnouts and signs in the main modules, are also visible on the display.

In this example a total of 15 MGV50 Loconet units are used to achieve this.

It is connected by three wires to the loconet.

The whole board measures 1000×1200 mm and will be shown on Eurospoor 2008.

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