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  • ORD-2 driver, booster

By Peter Giling

Assembled Prototype


and a sample how plate could be drilled
and also a drawing how the cooling plate could be drilled. ord-2-draw-1.pdf


  • Powerful 3A output with standard single 16V transformer.
  • Output selectable for N, H0 and large scale.
  • Internal short circuit detection shuts off output.
  • Opto-coupler isolated connection from rails to PC.
  • Seperate output to Loconet-Rocrail for short circuit detection and rail power off.
  • Separate short circuit indication in Rocrail.
  • Flashing LED when short circuit occurs.
  • Supports DCC and Motorola.

Hardware files

file update
Schematics Jan 26, 2010
Pcb drawings + parts placement update Apr 6, 2010
Connection diagram Jan 30, 2010
Partslist Jan 26, 2010
Firmware U5 Jan 26, 2010

Since ORD-3 is available, ORD-2 is no longer in function.

For those who already have ORD-2, this documentation will remain available for a considerate amount of time.

Pulse comparison

These are measurements taken by hobbyists. See disclaimer for more information on content. All units were connected with Ohms load of 1,2 Amp.


Digitrax DCS200


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