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Router / Checker options

Content Rocrail Server

:!: Important Note:
From rev. 2.1.2736 the tab "Router/Checker" of the Rocrail properties is removed!

The options of the call dialogs for router and checker - described on this page - are setup for the current session.

Description of the dialogs

With the call dialogs for router and checker described here, the options can be set and the functions can be started that determine the mode of operation and the individual steps of the routing and the checks for the current session.

The dialogs for the options and the start of the router and checker functions are called up via

  • Menu → Track plan → Router…
  • Menu → Track plan → Checker…


Rocrail automatically checks the Track plan state at every start. There are no options for this automatic check.
During current session the track plan status can be determined via Menu → Track plan → Checker "Check plan health...".

Changing the option setting takes effect only during the current session.


Set routeid for all automatic detected routes

Used to indicates the active route by the route representation

Set blockid for all blocks

Used to set the representation of items to occupied

Assign signals to blocks

Assign signals or distant signals to a block (if not already set)

Assign feedbacks to blocks

Assign feedbacks for action "enter" and/or "in" to "all enter +" and/or "all enter -" routes of blocks and selection tables (if not already set) 1)

Reduce speed

Overwrites the default value of this Option in generated routes.


Clean routeid of all automatic detected routes

Reset blockid in whole plan

Reset signal assignments in all blocks

Reset feedback assignments in all blocks

In blocks and selection tables remove action "enter" and "in" for "all enter +" or "all enter -" 2)


Check plan health...

This general plan consistency check does not require selection of options.
The function corresponds to the automatic check of the Track plan state at Rocrail start.

Extended plan check

Basic checks on all items

Validate z-level definitions/assignments, text (invalid size), connectors, blockids, routeids

Checks concerning blocks

Sensor/action check; route/feedback validation

Checks concerning routes

From, to, crossing blocks, usage, run direction; (switch) commands

Check actions and conditions

Check/validate actions (WIP) and action conditions everywhere in the plan

Extended plan clean

Clean basic problems on all items

Remove/clean entries for all issues detected by the check above

Clean block problems

Remove/clean entries for all issues detected by the check above

Clean route problems

Remove/clean entries for all issues detected by the check above

Clean action and condition problems

Clean/repair not yet implemented

:!: Attention:
Extended plan check… and Extended plan clean… are still in progress.
Be careful with cleanup options. Be sure to make backup copies.

How to use "Extended plan clean":

  1. Save the plan (copy to a save place!)
  2. Rocview menu: Track plan → Checker…
  3. Open the 2. tab "Extended plan clean" and select the desired options.
  4. Start the cleanup with the button "Extended plan clean…".
  5. After the dialog with a "Ready message" appears, completely restart Rocrail

1) , 2)
if "enter2in" is configured for "all enter +" or "all enter -" feedback assignment or reset is skipped for that block
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