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Update to a newer Rocrail Version

Select the file to be downloaded, depending on the operating system.
This wiki shows the update routine for a Windows PC.

Download the new version

Download center

  • Select the rocrail-xxxxx-win32.exe file, (where xxxxx is the current Rocrail version), this will download the file to the PC

Install the new version

  • Right select on the downloaded file and "Run as Administrator" and the following screen will probably appear (can be different based on the version of the Windows operating system).

(This screen can appear in Win10)

  • Click on "More info", then click on "Run anyway" (See screen below)

  • A new screen "User Account Control" appears and click "yes".
  • "Welcome to Rocrail Setup Wizard" (See screen below) and follow the instructions.

There is a difference in the default path between Win32 and Win64
Win32 default directory for Rocrail is C:\Program Files (x86)\Rocrail
Win64 default directory for Rocrail in C:\Program Files\Rocrail
When changing the operating system from Win32 to Win64, then also change the shortcuts, as the target directory has changed.

  • "Select the installation directory (But it is easier to keep the default)" (Here C:\Rocrail\) and follow the instructions.

Verify the new version

If needed, verify if the new version was installed successfully.
Start Rocview and then select "Help → Info", the version shown there should match the version (xxxxx) that was selected.

Default Workspace

Want to load the plan every time when starting Rocrail, then set the parameters in Rocview Properties → Path.
The directory of the Rocrail program, here C:\Rocrail (Use the … to insure the correct path to the plan)
The subdirectory (Workspace) of the plan, here \Final Plan.
The plan.xml file is located in "Final Plan".
Set the checkmark so the plan loads automatically.

Create Shortcut

Right mouse click on the Rocview.exe file and select create Shortcut.
Move this shortcut (for example) to the desktop or the taskbar.
Don't forget to update the shortcut if after changing from Win32 to Win64.

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