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Locations and Schedules

The involved components

  • Locations (optional)
  • Schedules
  • Blocks and Routes


When using a location destination, the first free block, in the order specified, will be used if no block is specified.

A Location is a group of blocks (or staging blocks) sharing the same logic destination; for example all tracks belonging to one station.

Schedules are list with locations:


  1. define the optional locations
  2. create a schedule with at least two destinations
  3. select a train and set this schedule to be used
  4. start the train

What happens now depends on where the train is actually located:

  • The schedule will be active when the train is at start on activation.
  • If the train is not in one of the schedule locations it tries to find a way to come to the starting location in the goto block mode.
  • if the train can determine if it is somewhere in the schedule it will try to go on to the next destination.
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