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rocMobile How to use


Info panel

The info panel shows the currend selected loc and its speed. The *P* button toggles power, the *A* button toggles automode.

All actions taken on the other panels are for the loc shown in the upper left corner!

Loc Tab

This tab is for controlling the locs. The buttons should be self explaining.

Turnout Tab

Tab for controlling the turnouts. The sign near the id (|,\) will show straight or turnout as soon as a turnout is switched in the runtime of rocMobile. (Might show the state from the beginning in further releases).

Route Tab

The route tab has the same functionality as the *Routes control dialog* in rocgui. (Just set the selected route).

Schedules Tab

This tab is to start a loc in automode just like if you click on a block in rocrail in automode (*Go*).

Or you can start a loc using a schedule selected from the drop down list (*Go with SC*).

Block Tab

Here you can clear the loco assignment for a block. If you click on reset the block above will be resetted. If you click on Set with curr the selected block will be set with the currend loc (shown in the upper left corner).

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