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Staging Block

What is a Staging Block?

  • A staging block is a special kind of block divided in multiple detection sections.
  • Trains with undefined length are not allowed to enter.
  • Regarding the train length one or more trains can be serially staged.
  • One or more sections can be reserved for a train depending of its length.
  • The staging block will move the containing trains forwards if the first train has left.
  • Its one way only. The arrow side is exit.
  • Not usable with track driver systems.


The staging block shows the loco ID only on reserve and enter, in all other cases the number of occupied sections is shown in brackets.
A '<' sign shows that the exit side of the staging block is closed.
A gray background shows that the enter side of the staging block is closed.


In the tooltip of the staging block a list of occupied sections is shown:

Section: LocoID

Staging Automation

  • As soon as a train arrives in a staging block it will be placed in manual mode.
  • The train will be moved to free sections under control of the staging block until it arrives in the last section in which the auto mode is reactivated again.
    • A train can only be stopped traveling to another block if the staging block has been closed or if the train is put to the hold status before it is in the last section. Alternatively, a manually operated exit signal can be used.
    • The function stop all locs does not prevent, that trains leave the staging block.
  • A section can only be used if it is electrically and logically free.
  • Every sensor and unlock event will trigger the compress command to move trains to open sections.
  • A manual start loco command will be rejected if the train is not in the last section.
  • A pending leaving train is not allowed to reserve the same Staging Block.
  • To disable departure the following options are available:
    • Close exit.
    • Disable automode.
    • Manual exit signal.


The context menu of the "staging block" has the following commands:


  • The trains that are present are moved in the direction of the "exit" section, in order to free up the "entry" section and to fill gaps in the sections.
  • If the exit is open, the train in the "exit" section will be placed in "Auto" mode.

Put into Operation / Out of Operation

Controls the "enter" flow the staging block.

Close Exit / Open Exit

Controls the "exit" flow of the staging block.


Properties of this Staging Block.


Points to the "Help" pages in the wiki.

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