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Plan-F Module 1 "Waldbrunn"

Rob Versluis

Size: 2000 x 546 x 125 (mm)
Material: 12mm Multiplex, Birch
Date of building start: xx-xx-2008



Quantity Length (mm) Width (mm)
2 546 125
4 522 109
2 1976 125
1 1976 50
1* 1976 522

*Adjust width to your needs to reduce weight. I took 320mm for this module. The 4mm gap is filled out with 4mm cork plates.

I call it Fremo 'Light' because I reduced the profile height from 195mm to 125mm, but still compatible with the 2E96. On the south and north side of the module I will make 'windows' to reduce the weight without loosing stabillity.

15-10-2009 Removed the curve at both ends.

15-10-2009 Detail of a new joint between a switch and a crossing..

The parts are only set together, nothing constructed jet. The result of working on the module skeleton for one day.
fremo-light-01-thumb.jpg mod1-02-thumb.jpg

Trying to layout the tracks. Template for adjusting the tracks.
mod1-04-thumb.jpg mod-template-thumb.jpg

Template fits! Mounting the tubes.
mod-template-02-thumb.jpg mod1-tubes-thumb.jpg

Offset correction from 59mm Tillig raster to 46mm NEM. I used track sections of R4 which has a radius of 543mm, and the total length of the correction is 160mm. This module will become "Bahnhof Waldbrunn". (Faller 110099)
mod-59-46-r4-thumb.jpg mod1-05-thumb.jpg

All tracks are mounted and most of them having one or more cables.

Servo switch machines

servos-module-1-2.jpg servos-module-1-1.jpg
The levers for converting servo movement into switch settings. All servo's are prepared for mounting under the module.
servos-module-1-3.jpg servos-module-1-4.jpg
Mounted servo. With a servo tester you can check the servo before mounting it and afterwards the switch movements.

Module connection

End tracks are made easy and cheap.
MGV PCB's and Märklin K-Rail screws.

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