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Rocrail - Innovative Model Railroad Control System

Welcome to Rocrail ®

Layout: "Plan-F" Rocrail is free software for controlling model trains for Linux, Apple macOS, Raspberry Pi and Windows operating systems. Rocrail assumes all responsibilities for controlling a model railroad and their accessories. Trains can be either manually controlled or completely controlled by the software in automatic mode. A mixed operation, i.e. controlling some trains manually and other trains in fully automatic mode is possible.

With Rocrail different applications for a model train control can be met:

Various user interfaces to operate Rocrail are available:

MDI View On a layout multiple instances of these user interfaces can be deployed, at the same time. The displays are automatically synchronized between all user interfaces.
In addition, commercially available or homemade hand controllers can also be used.

The user interface is available in many Languages : List of supported languages.

Internet of Things
Rocrail is IoT ready, and can be integrated.

Rocrail - Quick-Start

Are you new to Rocrail? This guide shows the first basic steps and contexts for a successful start with Rocrail.

Rocrail - First steps

Rocrail - Highlights

Besides the usual model railway control features, Rocrail also includes a number of special characteristics:

Rocrail - Documentation

A user manual with a complete up-to-date description of all the functionality in Rocrail.

Rocrail Documentation

Rocrail - Community

Rocrail continually develops thanks to a vibrant community, with a direct dialogue between developers and users in the forum, but also in personal meetings.

BBQ 7st roundtable Solingen Aug. 2011.

The whole team hopes that all users have fun and joy with the software. The entire Rocrail team is looking forward to any form of active and constructive participation in the project.
We are always interested in the opinion of users and welcome your feedback in Rocrail-Forum.

Rocrail - Software und DIY Hardware

Wahlfrei, kompatibel mit GCA50/CANGC2 und läuft auf einem Raspberry Pi.MERG CBus; Die auf CAN basierende Loconet-Alternative mit offenen Quellen.

Rocrail - Trademark

The name “Rocrail” and the associated logo is our trademark.
Both are officially registered in Germany and the Benelux countries.

Rocrail - Copyright

Copyright © 2002-2018 Robert Jan Versluis,
All rights reserved.
Commercial usage recommends a Support Key.

Rocrail - Disclaimer

Using this program is at your own risk.
Robert Jan Versluis can not be held responsible for any damage that the use of this program may cause to your computer, model trains or anything else.
To prevent problems it is strongly recommended to first read the manual.