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Screw connector


AKL Function CAT-5 color Remark
1 +12V brown + green power supply +12V
2 CANL blue/white CAN
3 CANH blue CAN
4 GND brown/white + green/white GND
The Orange/White pair can be used for DCC Booster sync.
U/UTP CAT5 1xTP + Power
utp.jpg wio-can-cable-akl-4.jpg wio-cable-alt.jpg
Unshielded UTP cable. CAT5 cable connection.
(Not recommended.)
1 TP for CAN, separate wires for power supply.

Patch Cable PCB

This small PCB makes it possible to use common patch cables:
wio-cat5-sch.jpg wio-cat5-pcb.jpg
It has a screw terminal which can be connected to the AKL connector with 4 short wires (max 100 mm).
An optional CAN bus terminal resistor is also on the PCB, to be activated with JP1.
The three pin header is to provide DCC signal for booster input.
This connector should also be connected at WIO_Prog.
The LED L1, indicates if power is available.

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