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WIO Overview


WIO is the abbreviation for Wireless I/O.
The WIO implementation is based on the LOLIN D1 Mini and de LOLIN D32, which both have WiFi on board and can be programmed in the Arduino IDE environment.
WIO is designed for two main tasks:

  • General I/O
  • Throttle

General I/O

The general purpose I/O is comparable with the Pi02/GCA50/CANGC2, using WiFi as wireless communication 'bus' instead of wired I2C/LocoNet/CAN, and is compatible with all known GCA Extension Units.
The main part of the needed I/O settings are defined in Rocrail, which makes a hardware swap al lot easier.


wioctrl-display.jpg The throttle supports the following configuration:

  • Rotary for speed, direction and selection of loco and function.
  • Up to 6 push buttons for functions and selection.
  • Display.

The in Rocrail defined locomotives can be transferred to the throttle(s) by sending the Short IDs. (Up to 256)
The LOLIN D1 Mini has only enough pins for two push buttons: F0 and Shift. It also needs an extra board for battery management.



The General I/O is controlled by the I2C bus. This I2C bus can simultaneous be used for:

  • Two displays, compatible with RocDisplay.
  • One Sensor for temperature, humidity and pressure.
  • Play wave files in case of the LOLIN D32 with on board DAC output. (Digital Analog Converter)


Extra options, which needs accurate timing, are mutual exclusive:

  1. 128 LED chips control like the WS2812. (default)
  2. Four Servos.
  3. Two RC522 RFID readers.
  4. DCC Command Station.
  5. Mobile PWM motor control.

Serial RS232

The serial options are also mutual exclusive:

  1. Monitor. (default)
  2. RailCom reader.
  3. Mobile RFID reader.

Kits & PCBs


For all basic functionality except throttle.
Features all needed connectors for all options.

WIO Drive

Specially for Option DCC and Mobile with integrated 3A booster.

WIO Control

A throttle based on LOLIN D1/D32 with display and rotary.

RailCom Reader

A separate kit, GCA214, is available for reading RailCom data.

WIO WIO Drive WIO Control GCA214
wio_01_v2._pict3.jpg wiodrive.jpg . wiocontrol-lolind32.jpg . gca214.jpg
General purpose I/O
and several options
DCC CS, Booster
and motor PWM
Throttle RailCom reader
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