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Block Embedded Sensors


Not recommended for novice users.

bk1 has embedded sensors.


A block with embedded sensors saves space in the track plan, and can speed up creating a new track plan.
After dropping this type of block the following actions will be automatically handled by the server:

  1. Generate two new invisible sensor objects with IDs fitting to the block: "blockID+" and "blockID-".
    In the example above: left Block side = "bk1+" and right Block side = "bk1-"
  2. Generate the four route events for both sides of the block; Enter and In.

Setting the sensor addresses must be done manually.

Track picker dialog

The block with embedded sensors is found in the block section of the Track picker dialog:

Simulating the sensors

The sensors can be simulated like the separate sensors with the Left Mouse button.
The sensor which will be activated depends of the mouse position in the respective quarter of the Block symbol.

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