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Forum rules

The rules for the support forum for Rocrail - Innovative Model Railroad Control System describe the conditions for smooth operation, dealing with each other and the responsibilities of all members and guests.
By registering you automatically agree to the forum rules.

Basic rules for inquiries, help searches and error messages

  1. Read the wiki first:
  2. Which Command Station protocols are you using? Please enter:
  3. For a new posting, make sure that the subject line relates to the topic of the post. (The maximum length of a post is 2000 letters.)
  4. Update Rocrail before reporting a problem Update
  5. If you have any questions or problems with Rocrail, functionality, auto mode, etc., be sure to add rocrail.ini, the plan file and a trace file as an attachment. Convenient alternative: create an "issue" Issue
  6. Rocrail binaries, or parts thereof, that you have created yourself may not be published.

Purpose of the forum

The Rocrail Support Forum is operated by Robert Jan Versluis, with the support of administrators and moderators (hereinafter referred to as the Rocrail team) with the following purpose:

  1. Exchange of experience, questions about use, discussion, support and suggestions for expanding Rocrail
  2. Exchange of experience, questions about use, discussion, support, development and presentation of do-it-yourself hardware in the context of Rocrail
  3. Exchange of experience, questions about use, discussion, assistance and suggestions for expanding the use of digital model train control components from third-party providers in the context of Rocrail
  4. In addition, a platform for general exchange on model railroad-relevant topics (especially in the sub-forums system presentation, chat corner)

Freedom of speech

In the Rocrail forum there is basically freedom of expression. If one of the other forum rules has been violated by a topic or a post, this rule (freedom of expression) can expire.
The moderators' options to correct a rule violation range from writing a contribution to settling the situation, closing the topic and / or editing the affected contribution, to excluding one or more members from the forum.

Appearance and behavior in the forum

With his registration every member of the forum undertakes to treat the other users in a civilized and respectful manner. This includes compliance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany as well as the usual etiquette (netiquette), in particular also with regard to the avoidance of expressions of force, insults, bad slander or baseless allegations. Since the forum has an important function in maintaining relationships between like-minded people, it is desirable to treat every other member as one would like to be treated by others.

The instructions of the moderators must always be followed. There are no exceptions to this rule.
Insults of any kind against other users are to be avoided - even if they are provoked.
In the event of an insult, each user can alert a moderator of the circumstances via a message or the report function.
Should a dispute arise (in contrast to a normal discussion) between two or more users, this must be resolved outside the public area of ​​the forum.
When in doubt, the moderators have discretion as to what goes beyond a normal discussion and is already a matter of dispute.
Threads and posts are not tolerated in this forum if they

  • opened exclusively for provocation or without a specific question / basic information / specific concern.
  • offer no professional added value or are simply off-topic
  • do not show any degree of respect for other forum users or their opinions (especially through insults, hostility and private small wars).

These threads and contributions can be removed by the Rocrail team if necessary without comment.
Violations of the behavior in the forum can, depending on the severity, lead to exclusion from the forum directly or in the event of repetition.

The Rocrail-Forum is operated on a German server, it is therefore subject to the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany, in particular § 1 and §2 (human dignity, general freedom of action, equal rights for men and women, bans on discrimination, freedom of belief, conscience and confession, science , Freedom of art, expression, press and information).
The following rules are based on these basic rights and every user has agreed to follow these rules when registering.
No contribution may consist of pornographic, extremist etc. content or other content that contradicts the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, in whole or in part.
No contribution may contain personal data (names, dates of birth, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.) of third parties.
E-mail addresses or other contact details of third parties may only be given if these third parties expressly allow it.
The permission must be clearly understandable for the Rocrail team.
In particular, no e-mails and private messages from third parties may be published without their consent.
In any case, the moderators have the right to edit or even delete a post by another user if they find this appropriate due to the content.
What is "appropriate" and what is not is their decision. If a moderator is asked the reason for the measure in question, he must be able to specify a forum rule that justifies his actions.
These rules apply to posts, signatures, avatars and profiles.

Rights of use

All texts, images, audio files and other data published here are protected by copyright.
Any reproduction or reproduction of the whole or parts, regardless of the medium, is prohibited unless it has been approved in writing by the forum operator Robert Jan Versluis.
By creating a contribution, the user grants the operator a simple right to use the contribution within the framework of the forum, unlimited in terms of time and space and free of charge. The right of use remains even after termination of the contract of use.
On this basis, even after the account has been deleted, the user's contributions will not be deleted.
An application for deletion of the data in accordance with the GDPR therefore only affects the user account information.
When a user uploads images, he or she is solely responsible for compliance with the copyrights of any third party.
Violations of copyrights in the forum can lead to exclusion.

User profiles

Every user has the right to enter their personal information according to the predefined option fields in the user profile.
The forum rules also apply to all this information (specifically, no illegal or immoral content). The user must provide a user name. This user name must not violate trademark law or other rights.
The Rocrail team reserves the right to refuse to accept user names.
Each user can set a user picture ("Avatar"). This should represent a real picture of the user. Other avatars that obviously have nothing to do with the person of the user are not wanted in the Rocrail forum and will be removed.

The Rocrail team explicitly distances itself from all links in the forum that have not been added and / or specified by themselves.
Commercial advertising is prohibited to any member.
It is also prohibited to include links to commercial websites in the signatures.
Non-commercial sales or trading are in the relevant sections such as Chat corner or DIY hardware allowed.


The Rocrail team has the following options if the forum rules are violated:

  1. Edit / move / delete individual posts, threads or entire board content
  2. Sending a private message to the user concerned, possibly with the request for improvement
  3. Change the avatar and / or user title of the member concerned
  4. Restricting access to the forum
  5. Exclusion from the forum

Disclaimer of liability

The provider of the forum assumes no liability for the content posted in the forum, especially not for its correctness, completeness and topicality. Forum operators are not liable for third party content. All contents of the forums do not correspond to the opinion of the Rocrail team.
All content has been made by the users.

If you have any questions, please contact the Rocrail team.

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