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Install pre-build package

Pre-build packages (daily build) can be found here:



Package install

sudo apt install ./rocrail-xxxxx-raspbian-stretch-armhf.deb
Note: the "xxxxx" should be replaced with the wanted revision.

Build from source

Get the source

git clone <repository link>


cd ~/Rocrail 
make fromtar 
Note: Use the -j 4 make option to use all for cores of the Raspberry Pi version 2.

If wxWidgets is not installed the build process will end at the start of compiling Rocview.
Just ignore the errors if you are interested in the Rocrail Server only.


With the following command the sources can be updated:

cd ~/Rocrail 
git reset --hard
git pull

Use the following command to rebuild Rocrail:

cd ~/Rocrail 
make fromtar

Or to rebuild the Rocrail Server only:

cd ~/Rocrail 
make fromtar server


sudo make install 

Optional distribution package

A build can be shared by creating an install package:

cd rocrail 
./ wheezy armhf 


Configuration Tips

Open the RasPi Configuration utility in a terminal:

sudo raspi-config

Network & WiFi

Programming Tips

Detecting ARM

#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
  #ifdef __arm__
  printf("Why yes it is, thank you\n");
  return 0;
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