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Frog Polarisation


If the switch motor driver does not provide for frog polarization, it can be handled by the switch object provided the switch command is acknowledged.


Interface ID

If you have more than one Command Station you can use this field to link this switch with the CS you actually wired it with. Leave blank in case you have only one CS or when it is wired to the default CS. (First digint in the rocrail.ini)


The bus to use for the frog commands. The switch interface bus is used in case this value is not set.


If the switch has no Wiring a timer can be used for frog polarization activation.1)
The default is zero which will use the wiring event.
The timer units are in ms and ranges from 0 to 1000.

Frog 1

For single and dual slip switches.

Frog 2

For dual slip switches.


Switch commands are send instead of output commands when this option is set.


The addressing depends on the Command Station or Bus System that is used.

Truth Table

Command Frog 1 Frog 2 Symbol
relay: 1 2 1 2 Frog 1 Frog 2
straight X - X -
thrown - X - X
left - X X -
right X - - X

Example Diagram

Code Connection
B DCC Black
F1 Frog
K1 Relays red
K2 Relays black


  1. Switch both relays off to isolate the frog.
  2. Command the servo to go to a position.
  3. Wait until the new position is acknowledged; See Wiring. Or the Timer has elapsed if set > 0.2)
  4. Switch the relays to polarise the frog.
Do not use them parallel to avoid double commandos.
Do not use them parallel to avoid double commands.
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