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Most buildings on the layout have lights or other accessories to control.
To visualize and control this in Rocrail can be done with the Accessory Switch and the new building SVGs from the Accessory Theme.
It is easy to create your own buildings as SVG and add them locally the the Accessory Theme.

Accessory Numbers

The range from 51 to 60 is reserved for buildings in the Accessory Theme.

Nr. Description
51 Station
52 Platform
53 Small station
54 Mill

How to add a building

  1. Add a Accessoiry switch type to the layout.
  2. Change the the Accessory# in the range of 51 to 60. (See the table above.)
  3. Optionally an Address can be set for controlling for example the building lights.

Action controls

The first 10 Action Controls are listed in the popup Command sub menu:

The Action Control State can be set to "none" to avoid activation at left click on the building symbol.
The optional Description will be used as menu text if set. Otherwise the action ID will be used.

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