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Car Interface


A car decoder can be controlled with function actions.
If the address > 0 the car will be also listed in the loco control dialog.


Command Station dependent value. (Selectrix, BiDiB, CBUS, …)


The decoder address which range depends on the decoder type and underlying Command Station.

Interface ID

Only set this to the IID you set in the rocrail.ini if your setup has more than one CS connected.


Some command stations do support multiple protocols; Check the user manual for details.

Protocol version

If the Command Station cannot determine the decoder type itself you must specify the version as listed here ddx-en or found in the SRCP description. Most systems do not use this parameter because it is set directly in the CS or it does only support one version.

Decoder steps

Some Command Stations need this value to allow function commands.



Send direction and velocity commands from the operator/throttle to the function decoder.


Invert the direction before sending it.


Checked is default, unchecked is swapped.


Send a function command from the operator to the function decoder.
Use the function number if the lights are not mapped to F0.

Speed command

Send a speed command for function 0 instead of a function command.


Translation table for velocity hints to percent.
This could be of interest for motorized cleaning cars.

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