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Car General


Rocview → Menu → Tables → Cars


All text fields which are marked with a @ can open the @Box by a single click on its label if the text field is not empty.
The text field contents will be used to do a find.


Unique car identifier used to address this car for consists and waybills.


AKA Identifier

BiDi code like RFID, barcode…
This can be used for tracking and assemble automatically a train.
If the code is very long, RFID, it can be assigned with the Sensor monitor.

Roadname and Number

The company registration of the car.




Name / Path of the optional car picture.
Image Format: See Locomotive Image


Image number foe use with Command Station and/or throttles.


The car owner if different then the Roadname company.

Home location

Optional block or location ID to use as the home of this car.
This will be used for automatically shunting. (WIP)


Free text to describe your car which is only used for display. Optional.

Decoder Type

Optional information to build-in decoders


HTTP link to the user's guide of this car. Pushing the triple dot button will open the default WEB browser with the specified page.
The file explorer will be opened if the links is a directory in the file system.

Manufacturer ID

Free text for the manufacturer identifier.

Catalog Number

Free text

Date of Purchase

Date of purchase


Last time this car was serviced. Only manually updated.



Era Period (Approx.) Description
I 1870-1920 Country & Private Railways
II 1920-1945 The Period after the formation of large state railways
III 1945-1970 The new organization of European railroads
IV 1968-1985 Standardized computer lettering on all rolling stock & locos
V 1985-2000 The modern era of railroading
VI 2000-*

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