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CAN-GC6 mergCBUS 4 Chanel Servo Controller


This page documents the HEAD revision of the firmware.


Firmware version: 1.a rev.: 305, resonator: 8MHz, Rocrail: 3181+

The firmware is based on CAN-GC2.
Boot mode is not supported.



  • All variables and events are configurable. (FLiM)
  • Servo speed.
  • Switch commands are processed.
  • Servo end positions are reported. (GCA136 compatible.)
  • "Start Of Day" support.
  • LED4 for 1 or more servo position pending.
  • Relay control. (GCA137, Tx 480 baud)
  • External switch position sensors processing.
  • Save servo positions at power off.
  • Restore servo position and relays state.
  • Stop servo pulse after reaching the wanted position + 2 seconds.
  • 1000 steps in pulse width from 0.5 to 2.5ms.
  • Max. speed 20.
  • Separate speed for left and right move.
  • Bounce option.


NMRA Manufacturer ID 70
Product ID 6



Development Tools

  • MPLAB X v1.00
  • C18 v3.40
  • PICKit 3

Node Variables

# Description
1 node configuration
3-22 4 x 5 Servo settings

Node configuration byte

Bit Function Remark
0 save servo positions at power off command
1 use short events

Servo settings

Byte Function Remark/Range
0 config
1 left 50…250
2 right 50…250
3 speed left 1…20
4 speed right 1…20

Servo configuration byte

Bit Function Remark
0 Relay polarisation Swap polarization.
1 External switch sensors
2 Bounce

Node Events

  • Sensors will generate OPC_ACON/OPC_ACOF events.
  • Servos will change position on OPC_ACON/OPC_ACOF.
Event# Description Variable
0-3 servo switch 1…4 not used
4-7 servo sensor 1…4 not used
8 SOD not used

Servo control

The servo pulse width must be between 0.5 and 2.5 ms for 180° range:

Theoretically. First real time result.

Every 5 ms a pulse is started for one of the 4 servos. The refresh rate for each servo is 20ms: 50Hz.
Timer0 is used for the 5ms interval and Timer2 for the pulse width which is re-programmed for each servo in every 5ms cycle.

External Sensors

Optional every servo can use two sensor inputs, on connectors Fb1…Fb4, for signalling the switch position.

Straight Thrown Status
0 0 The switch stand is pending.
1 0 Straight position.
0 1 Thrown position.
1 1 Invalid.

A position change is only reported on the CBUS if only one of the inputs is high.

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