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  • The loccnfg attribute is new and is introduced for OpenDCC and Tams to inform those CS over the p50x protocol the loc decoder settings.
  • Short IDs for throttles.

New p50x Opcode

XLokCfgSet (0x86) - length = 1+4 bytes

This opcode is not known by the IntelliBox, but is understood by OpenDCC and in upcomming releases of the Tams CS.

Command bytes:

Byte Description
00x86 XLokCfgSet
1LSB part of decoder address
2MSB part of decoder address (Range: 1 .. 10239)
3Decoder-Format: MM1, MM2 or DCC, coded as 0,1,2
4number of speed steps (without stop): 14, 28 oder 126

Response: 1 byte code

Mnemonic Value Description
OK0x00OK, command accepted
XBADPRM0x02decoder address out of range (1 .. 10239)
XNOSLOT0x0Btoo many non default decoder settings; adjust default decoder.
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